I came back to my old home, Melbourne, after two very laid back months in rural Queensland. From the life where I could just stroll around wearing a weary t-shirt and boxers, to the hustle and bustle of the city, I was very enthralled to go stuff my face in all my favourite spots and try out all the new places that had opened during the time I was away. Few of the highlights of mere two days:


Paleo waffles at Patch cafe


PAtch Cafe

Patch is a paleo inspired cafe just out of Richmond, in Cremorne. Always a winner, with delicious coffee, paleo treats and a menu that is so mouth-watering it is hard to choose from. Most dishes are paleo, their in-house paleo bread is to die for, and the waffles pictured above are definitely the créme of clean eating treats. When I want to have a safe bet for bang for my buck breakfast or brunch, I opt for Patch or the other cafes mentioned in this post.


Paleo version of Korean Bibimbap: cauliflower rice, pickled cucumber and cabbage, sauteed greens, microherbs, poached egg and strips of beef


About Life Cafe and Shop

This Sydney health food chain landed in the posh area of Port Melbourne just a while ago. I was excited like a kid on Christmas to be able to visit About Life, "The Wholefoods of Australia". I did go devour the take-what-you-want-and-fill-your-box-style of a cornucopia of meals twice in two days. The shop is amazing and has a wide variety of items, but it is way pricier than my ultimate Melbourne health food gem, Terra Madre.


Organic vegetables at About Life Port Melbourne


South Melbourne Market

When I lived in Melbourne, my weekly routine was to go buy vegetables from South Melbourne Market. I also consumed about 3 tubs of hummus from Sth Melb market on a weekly basis. This mecca of fresh produce, seafood, cheese and anything you could imagine buying from a market is also a great location for weekend brunch. There are several great cafes around: GiddiupDeadman Espresso, and St.Ali just to name a few.

Fresh oranges and pineapples at South Melbourne Market


Dinner With Friends: Lazerpig Pizza

Every time someone mentions pizza and gluten-free in a restaurant environment, I cringe. Usually gluten free means rubbery or hard-as-wood crust, disappointment, and resentment. When going to Lazerpig pizzeria in Fitzroy after lovely afternoon drinks in the famous rooftop bar Naked For Satan, I was settling to not eat, but alas! Lazerpig surprised me not only with their creative topping options but also their rather scrumptious gluten free pizza crust. My pizza had mushroom paste with heaps of mushrooms, and I vacuumed the whole pizza before realizing that I should have left half of it for the next day. I hope I learned my lesson. Besides pizza, Lazerpig does pasta and apparently very decent burgers.

Inviting exterior of Lazerpig Pizza


My other delicious dinner option is Rice Paper Scissors with locations in the CBD and Fitzroy, and Vegie Bar, also in Fitzroy.


Bonus Adventure: Escape Room

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the murder mystery escapade we did. The one hour puzzle went by so fast, I would definitely want to try a different mystery again! We had two teams competing against each other, solving a murder by cracking puzzles, codes and unlocking boxes, doors and such. Definitely an adrenaline rush, and beneficial to have 4 people working on the clues. If you have the time, the crew, and about 40 dollars to spare, I definitely recommend considering locking yourself in a room to solve mysteries.

Hope you get to enjoy Melbourne half as much as I have, whether long term or just for a few days!