Even though Italy is amazing throughout, Venice is something completely different and unique. I feel like no words I can scribble down would do justice to this historical, significant and quite frankly magical floating island. Instead, here are my favorite pictures from Venezia. 

Like mentioned in my Italy travel tips, Venice is best visited at dawn or dusk. Even though tourists flock this magical city pretty much 24/7, it is much quieter and mysterious if you arrive in the evening, and get up early to see the sights before the crowds do. Trust me, it's worth setting the alarm a bit early.

While Venice might not be known as a foodie's dream destination, they do have a shop selling the best chocolate in the world, Amedei, limited editions made from single origin beans, made in Tuscany. They also have a selection of Bonajuto chocolates, with an interesting rough texture due to not using cacao butter, and not grinding the sugar. I will return one day to Venice and when I do, I will make sure I don't leave without a bag full of chocolate.   

Love is a perfect comfy bed and a bunch of chocolate

I hope you get to visit Venice and enjoy it as much as I did!