This is the Part 2 of my Caffeinated Barcelona series. You can find my first section of the (alphabetical) cafe list here.  


Located in Poblenou, Espai Joliu is a cute spot that is perfect for a rainy day (if that exists) reading spot. This cute cafe has a flower/plant shop in the front, and the cafe with a selection of Kinfolk and other hipster magazines is located in the back. The space might be a bit dark, but it is very good for working, exchanging gossip - and drinking coffee, of course. Espai Joliu serves Nømad coffee in various forms. If you’re in the mood for a feed, you can get a sandwich or choose from a range of pastries including a super super sweet gluten free banana bread!  

Precision at work

Espai Joliu, Carrer de Badajoz, 95, 08005. Free wi-fi, good for working.



Hidden cafe might not be situated in the most chic area of the city, but it sure is a hipster spot to go have a brew. The coffee is superb, and your order is accompanied by a note with the taste profile as well as origins of your cuppa. Hidden roasts their own beans, and they do a great job at it. Besides coffee, matcha and other Japanese teas, Hidden cafe offers beers, bottled smoothies as well as a variety of pastries and other treats (some vegan options available for vego people). I was advised to order a latte instead of my usual black coffee, and I was not disappointed. The San José in my cup had notes of dark chocolate and caramel (no wonder I liked it so much), and the milk was perfectly poured. I could have ordered easily 3 lattes, it was that good. A small latte costs 2€, a flat white is 2.5€, a small American filter coffee is also 2€.  Aeropress will set you back 3.5€ and V60 is 3.9€. You can buy coffee making gear as well as t-shirts and different varieties of Japanese teas. 

The wifi works and the mellow hip hop beats are just perfect background music. I traveled across town to find Hidden Coffee, and was not disappointed.

Hidden pays extra attention to origin and offers these cool cards to tell you about what you're sipping.

Hidden Cafe, C/ Constança esquina Déu i Mata, 08029. Free wi-fi, nice Star Wars sugar containers.



Nomad coffee lab is a roastery and family of 2 cafes in Barcelona. To be honest, Nomad in Raval became my hangout spot thanks to my amazing friend Mariella, who is also known as the Exploring Barista. I spent many hot summer days sitting in Nomad, drinking my way through their menu. My favorite would probably be the frothy and smooth nitro cold brew (4€) or ice latte with oat milk (5€). While Nomad doesn’t serve food as they want to focus on delivering top notch coffee, in their Raval location they do have a few cookies and ice cream flavors for those who need something more solid. As for the coffee, if you feel like it, you can choose the aforementioned nitro cold brew, pour overs and other beverages beyond the average cafe con leche. If you want coffee but also a treat, go for the affogato with hazelnut ice cream (5€). Nomad organizes visits to their roastery and they also host cuppings for those really into learning more about how the coffee fruit ends up in your cup. 

La Marzocco at Nømad

Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop, Passatge Sert 12; Nømad Everyday, Carrer de Joaquin Costa 26; Nømad Roaster's Home, Carrer de Pujades 95. No wifi, talk to the baristas!



Onna is a textbook example of a specialty coffee shop: this 2 room space has Costa Rican micro loft coffees with daily specials. In addition to aeropress and V60, they offer also filter batch brew coffee, which is rather rare in Barcelonian specialty coffee joints. Onna’s owner is Costa Rican, and all of their coffee is roasted by themselves. You can purchase coffee making paraphernalia to take home, and enjoy pastries or baguettes to have with your cuppa, too. In order to cater for people with special diets, Onna has soy, oat and almond milk options for extra 25 cents. Americano costs 1.75€, latte is 2.20€. If you desire an aeropress or V60, it will cost you 3 for 4 euros depending on the coffee variety. The place has a back room where they have a “communal work space”, too bad their free wifi is too slow to actually really function. Onna is a nice spot for your caffeine fix, and with their few daily hot food options it can work as a lunch spot, too, but it is not really the perfect fit for weekend brunch or a work day. If you happen to be in the Diagonal area in need for coffee, Onna has got you covered. If you want a space to have some wifi time, maybe reconsider. The coffee is damn fine, though. 

Cute shop front of Onna

Onna Café, Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1, 08012. Don't trust the wifi. 



With its white and red stripe decor and classy music choices, Roast Club seems like a mix of Italian side street cafe and a friend’s home with a lot of personality. You can find special coffees and fresh pressed juices as well as sandwiches, cakes, and other treats, either prepared or build-your-own style. Besides the super friendly service, Roast Club also has little notepads on all of its’ 4 tables, so you can make some doodles if you feel like it. You get an americano for 1.70€, and oddly enough a flat white is just 1.90€. Chemex and V60 cost 3€. There are a few different beans to choose from daily, from Osorio roasters.

Lovely menu of lovely Roast Club

Roast Club Café, Carrer de València, 143, 08011. Wifi works, but talk to the lovely owner of the place.



If there was a definition of 3rd wave hipster cafe in the dictionary, Satan’s would be it. This cool joint has 2 outlets, one of which is located in a small alley in the Old Town, the other is near Plaça de Tetuan. Chill out hip hop, specialty coffees and manual brews accompanied by a select few homemade breakfast and lunch dishes and pastries, Satan’s definitely attracts a crowd that knows what’s what in Barcelona. The place is so hipster they don’t have wifi, which works for their vibe quite well. Satan’s serves coffee from Right Side Roastery. While Satan's other location inside Casa Bonay also says 'no wifi and no fun for kids', you can take your cup to the hotel bar and enjoy their wifi for free. If you go after the hotel breakfast time, the place is quite chill for working. 

No Decaf, No Vanilla, No Wifi, No fun for kids, Fuck Yelp, Fuck Tripadvisor

Satan's Coffee Corner, Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11, 08002. Satan's Coffee Co. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 700, 08010. No wifi no fun for kids.



SlowMov is nested on a side street in the Gracia neighborhood, in an airy space with light wooden floors and high ceiling. SlowMov roasts their beans coming from the renowned French Coutumme, and their food offerings are focused on local and sustainable products. You can read a lot of interesting coffee books and magazines, there's enough to easily fill one rainy afternoon if you manage to get one during your time in Barcelona. The big communal table is good for working and their wifi is fast, but for maximal concentration, you might want to have headphones to cancel out the chatter of other people around you. SlowMov purchases directly from local producers and they promote responsible consumption. Filter coffee costs 1.8€, a latte is 2€. You can also choose between aeropress, V60, chemex and kalita, all at 3€.  

Chemex at SlowMov

SlowMov, Carrer de Luis Antúnez, 18, 08006. Wifi and good working space.

Which is your favorite cafe in Barcelona? Did I miss some exceptional place from my list? I'd love to hear your thoughts.