Berlin is a very satisfying destination for a coffee-lover. Nice little cafes and local roasteries are aplenty around the party-loving German capital, and most of them offer more than just your liquid fuel. Here are the first 5 of my favorite cafes in Berlin, I hope you enjoy them! 

The Barn

The Barn is a Roastery in Mitte and a cafe in the Gallery district, who focus solely on high quality, in-season small batch coffees that are lightly roasted and fully traceable, with no blends available. The roastery/cafe is an epitome of hipster; there's no laptops or baby strollers allowed. You can choose how much (if any) milk you want in your espresso, but the Barn does not offer your regular cappuccinos and lattes by their regular names. A double espresso costs 2.5€, with 90ml milk 3€, 180ml milk 3,5€ and with 300ml milk 4€. Hand brews (a new word for manual brew :O) are 5.5/9€, and you can get iced flat whites, lattes as well as nitro brews and shakeratos if you’re feeling like having something cold. If you feel like trying something adventurous, go for the coffee flight, where you can sample one coffee made with either two or three different methods. You can buy beans by the bags to take home from an extensive selection, too. There are only a few pastries and sandwiches to be had with your coffee (or tea, since those are also on offer). The Barn is definitely dedicated solely to the art of enjoying a great-quality cup brewed to perfection. One can also join a cupping class or a masterclass of different subjects related to brewing, latte art and other coffee-relates matters. 

The Barn Roastery: Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119, The Barn Cafe: Auguststraße 58, 10119, Cafe Kranzler: Kurfürsterdamm 18, 10719 (Free Wifi!)


Ben Rahim

Almost a hole in the wall, this place in Hackerser markt is not to be missed. Berlin is not necessarily known for good service, but this place is an exception. Ben Rahim is the first third wave coffee shop in Berlin with an Arabic twist (very slight twist if you ask me). Besides the incredibly friendly service (by a Spanish barista, go figure), this cafe offers delicious coffee and a pastry if you feel like is a perfect pit stop for an afternoon brew, whether you want a nitro cold brew (3.5€), v60 (3.5€) or a giant latte (3.3€). A cappuccino is 2.8€, and flat white costs also 3.3€. Ben Rahim gets their coffee from the London based Square Mile roastery, and also offers teas, true to their Arabic heritage. 

Ben Rahim, Sophienstrasse 7, 10178


Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Bonanza states, that their idea of roasting "is the opposite of what is commonly regarded as the way to roast coffee.” They want to roast as little as possible, aiming to highlight the coffee’s distinctions while fully developing all the flavors. (To me, their technique definitely works; the cup I had was clean with clear jasmine notes.)

Bonanza has two locations: the roastery is situated in Kreuzberg, while they also have a cafe in Penzlauerberg. The roastery offers 3 batch brews daily from different parts of the world, and the emphasis is definitely on coffee; there's only a couple of pastries on offer. The roastery is located on a side alley and can be a bit confusing to get to, but let your nose be guided by the scent of roasting coffee and you'll find your way. Espresso costs 2.50€, filter is 2.90€, flat white 3.20€ and cappuccino 3.50€. In the cafe, the only latte on the menu is ice latte (3,90€). They offer free wifi for people keen on working, and the roastery definitely is a neat spot for some laptop action. Bonanza Coffee Heroes offers cuppings on Saturdays, but unfortunately, I was out adventuring during my Saturday in Berlin. (Disclaimer: the pictures below are from the cafe, not from the roastery. I was distracted and only took a few honestly rather shit photos during my visit to the roastery.)

Bonanza Coffee Roasters: Adalbertstraße 70, 10999Bonanza Coffee Heroes: Oderberger Straße 35, 10435


Father Carpenter

Located in a nice courtyard in Mitte, Father Carpenter is a nice brunch/lunch time spot for coffee lovers. Serving Fjord coffee and also selling beans, this place draws a mix of people coming either to eat or just for coffee. Their service definitely could be improved, but the coffee is solid and worth a try. Father Carpenter has some communal seating outside and a lovely space for brunch inside, and their food menu looked delicious in a very Australian way (vegan granola, poached eggs on sourdough, half of an avocado as a side dish...). Next time I will go for the food. As for the pricing, a cappuccino costs 2.9€, filter is 3 or 3.5€ for large, flat white is 3.4€ and a latte is 3.7€. They do also offer free wifi if you're keen on working. I apologise for the lack of images, yet another reason to go back.

Father Carpenter, Münzstr. 21-1. 10178.


Five Elephant

This Berlin roastery has 3 locations around town: a small space in Mitte, a cafe in Kreuzberg and a roastery in what I believe (correct me if I am wrong) is Charlottenburg. The Mitte location is perfect for a quick morning or afternoon coffee, maybe not the most hang-outy although the innovative seats outside are quite nice on a sunny day. Besides coffee, they have just a few pastries and croissants on offer, as well as soft ice cream! On my visit, their filter coffee (2.9€) was absolutely delicious, with a well-balanced fruity flavor. Their cappuccino (3.20€) was also rather pleasant. Five Elephant espresso costs 2.2€, and a latte is 3.80€. Flat white will set you back 3.6€. Curiously enough, one can order also extra milk for 20cents.  

Five Elephant Mitte: Alte Schönhauser Str. 14, 10119, Kreuzberg: Reichenberger Str. 101, 10999, Roastery: Glogauerstr. 5 Second Backyard 10999 (by appointment only)