During my time in the mecca of techno and many other more or less awesome things, I had some decent caffein-fueled adventures. I already wrote about 5 of my favorite Berlin cafes/roasteries here, but that's not all! When I say I was caffein-fueled on all the urban exploration trips to various abandoned places, I mean it. Here are more of my recommendations for a good cuppa and maybe some treats to go with it.


No Fire No Glory

At No Fire No Glory, the coffee comes roasted by Bonanza coffee roasters and Danish Coffee Collective. This cute cafe has outdoor seating for some decent people watching, and their menu opens up their philosophies and educates their customers about coffee culture and micro-lot coffees as much as it tells them what's on offer. All of the filter coffees in NFNG are used within 15 days of roasting to ensure their optimal taste, espressos are used 5-15 days from roasting. The milk the cafe uses in its' espresso-based drinks and hot chocolates is Demeter organic milk from Brodowin, and as per their menu states, they avoid heating it beyond 65C to ensure optimal results. 

Filter coffees at No Fire No Glory come from rotating single origin beans: aeropress and V60 cost 4.9e, cold drip is 3.5e. A double espresso is 3e, americano sets you back 2.50 (with double shot they call it long black and charge 1e more). Cappuccino is 2.9e, flat white 3.8e, and latte is 3.5e. If you crave some of that aforementioned organic milk in your black coffee, be prepared to pay a little extra (0.5e). 

In addition to coffee, No Fire No Glory serves idea breakfast and brunch fare in the form of sandwiches, croissants, pastries, fruit salads and sweets. They also serve alcohol and other drinks such as ice coffees and ice tea, sodas, fresh pressed juices, and smoothies. You can also find coffee making paraphernalia such as aeropress, v60 and kalita filters, drippers and servers. Their wifi is free from 30mins, so this is not the spot for working.

No Fire No Glory, Rykestraße 45, 10405



The only way you’d know that this cute Neukölln cafe is owned by Finns is if you’re familiar with Iittala (renowned pottery and glassware manufacturer from Finland), or can read the “Suomalaisten kahvitavat” book. Populus is situated by the river, and it offers the most perfect location for either some laptop work, book/coffee magazine reading and people watching.

This Scandinavian style cafe offers pour overs from single origin blends (filter coffee 3.5€, batch brew 2.5€) ranging from Guatemalan Buena Vista to Burundi Gishubi and Kenyan Thunguri AA. Of course, you can also find your usual espresso drinks, at not too bad prices (cappuccino/flat white 2.8€, latte 3€, americano 2.6€) . If you’re feeling like having something else besides coffee, you can treat yourself to some kombucha or coconut water. To go with your beverage you can choose between croissants, some pastries, and sandwiches; there is also muesli, bircher aka overnight oats, and yogurt on the menu if you’re feeling like a light brekkie. Populus roasts their beans, sourced in small lots from various producers and farms, and they make sure every cup is made to perfection. If you are so inclined, you can also buy manual brew gear at the cafe. 

Populus, Maybachufer 20, 12045



This roastery has an interesting old-fashioned interior mixed with top-notch coffee machines and cool design elements like peculiar lamps and counter tiles. Their coffee menu is offering the usual suspects, but also with oat milk options (yay!). There are a few cakes on offer (with vegan options), and you can also drink matcha latte if you so desire. Their oat flat white was pure perfection, and the environment was cozy and seemingly perfect for working. You can have a little wander around the shop that is adjoining to the cafe, and have a look at all the beautiful coffee making machines, from manual brew paraphernalia to gorgeous espresso machines. Röststätte offers various filter coffees made with v60 and aeropress, 3.60€ for one cup and 4.80€ for 2. Like The Barn, Röststätte also offers a coffee flight of 3 coffees, for 6.90€. A cappuccino costs 2.6€, flat white is 3€ and a double latte is 3.7€. Batch brew is 2€ and seasonal/regular espressos cost 1.8€ or 2.40€ for double. 

Röststätte, Ackerstraße 173, 10115



Owned by Australians, Silo has somehow forgotten the Australian hospitality on their way to Europe. If you are willing to go order and pay at the counter in a place that says "table service" since the waiters are too busy gossiping, give Silo a chance. This Friedrichshain cafe serves Fjord coffee and also sells their single origin beans, and they have a delicious-looking brunch menu to go with your coffee, too. Silo offers 2 batch brews in addition to all the espresso drinks, and their prices are a bit below average with cappuccino costing 2.8€, flat white 3€, latte 3€ and batch brew 2.5€. They also have the option for a large filter coffee, which I only also saw in Röststätte. The coffee comes in a cute little jar, where you can pour it into your cup yourself - very lovely yet a bit unnecessary. One can laptop away at Silo, and if you’ve been partying too hard, have a bloody mary to bring you back to life. 

Silo, Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245


The Visit

Probably the most down-pat stylish roastery-cafe-trendy food spot, The Visit is a lovely place for working, catching up with friends or having lunch. Their menu includes different oh-so-cool bowls, avo toast, and your usual bircher muesli and chia puddings to accompany your brew. The batch brew costs 2.5e with the possibility of unlimited coffee for 5e (steal!) You can also buy coffee by the pot...see why I like this place? With outside seating and some hip magazines (non-coffee related, boo) to read, The Visit is more than suitable for a relaxed day off. In terms of espresso-based coffees, the Visit is a bit on the high end with there cappuccino and flat white at 3.5€ and latte at 4€. You can also find matcha latte and the trending nitro cold brew on the menu, too. The visit should definitely be your place to visit when in need of a coffee in Kreuzberg. 

The Visit, Adalbertstraße 9, 10999