You might not believe it, but Barcelona has got a surprisingly vast array of specialised little independent cafes offering coffee from sustainable sources and micro lots, roasted by small roasteries often in Barcelona. The thing is, you just need to know where to go to: sometimes it might mean walking on and on the narrow lanes of Gothíc to find the right spot. I find that the journey to the cup is often the fun part of the journey. What is common to (pretty much) all of these cafes is, that you are most likely to encounter a passionate barista who can talk on and on about coffee and the life around this magic potion.

This post is dedicated to some of the speciality coffee shops I've had the time to visit in Barcelona. But wait, there's more of them.

The satisfaction of a perfect rosetta.


I am not too sure where the name Animal comes from, but no matter what this little spot would be called, it should be on your coffee stop list. The front walls are completely windows, and the side wall is like a bar counter for sunny days, making the space perfect for working and getting distracted by the small side street hustle and bustle. The coffee is from Nømad, and there is a selection of teas on offer, too. If you’re up for some sinful treats, go for the gluten-free carrot cake. If you’ve had your caffeine hit of the day, you can get a smoothie or a juice for 4€. The aeropress and V60 are a bit on the pricier end at 4€, whereas americano is the regular 1.60€ and latte is just 2.10€. 

Cute and compact Animal coffee bar

Animal Coffee Bar, Carrer D l'Avenir 44, 08021. Free wifi, feel free to work if you can handle the uncomfortable stools.



This small Gracia side street joint is quiet and peaceful (at least when I visited), making it a lovely stop for some coffee reading; there are so many beautiful coffee magazines it is hard to open your laptop. Their americano is strong and subtle, with a little smokey aftertaste and almost no acidity: it is absolutely beautiful. A latte costs 2.3€, aeropress is 3.5€ and V60 is 3/5€. The place has only window seats and no real tables, the wifi works but there is no toilet. Bermont offers oh-so-instagrammable avocado toasts (no gluten-free bread), but the focus is definitely on the caffeine side. Bermont is a lovely spot for a leisurely day, with nice jazz music in the background.

Warning: you might get distracted from work with all the coffee-related magazines at Bermont

Bermont Coffee, Carrer de Bréton de los Herreros 4, 08012. Be prepared to not get work done because of all the coffee magazines. 



Located in Barri Gótico, this cool spot would make sense to be popular among the tourists, but alas! Barcelonians have found this cafe that boasts tall windows (with little daylight, as Black Remedy is located on a relatively small side street) and ceilings, designer chairs and black marble tables. Besides coffees, teas and fresh pressed juices, Black remedy offers slow-smoked meat sandwiches and salad with hearty side dishes such as fries and honey garlic cauliflower. The coffees come from rotating roasteries and are a bit on the pricier end (2€ for cafe con leche). On a hot summer day, you can treat yourself to cold brew or nitro cold brew, or even an expresso tonic (spelling intentional). Black Remedy is perfect for snapping Instagram-droolworthy food pictures, and it also works as a good place to come for a beer, if you fancy one. The decor is quite loud for working, but the cafe has free wifi to enjoy. With cool hiphop beats in the background, Black Remedy is a nice place for a little fuel-up. Dogs are welcomed in the space, too.  

One badass coffee machine.

Black Remedy, Carrer de la Ciutat 5, 08002. Where the cool kids hang.



This cute neighbourhood cafe is located in Sant Antoni. The cafe has a few tables outside for lovely warm Barcelona spring/summer days, and they serve sandwiches, salads and other foods to accompany your brew. Their coffee comes from Nømad roastery, and if you're having a sweet tooth you can choose to enjoy the cafe staple around the world, a flaky croissant. At Cometa, an americano will set you back 1.60€, latte costs 2.30€ and flat white is 2.20€. There is no WiFi, but for some odd reason, they have a working space upstairs. 

Cometa, the most stuff visible.

Cafe Cometa, Carrer del Parlament 20, 08015. Unlike most of the specialty cafes, definitely not Scandinavian minimalist decor. 



Located off Barceloneta in the Old Town, Double B might seem like a tourist location. Luckily this is not the case, as this cafe serves a variety of single origin beans with various brewing methods; their V60 and aeropress are cheap, too! If you don’t want coffee, there is a selection of teas to choose from as well. This light and airy cafe is perfect for working, as they have wifi, and at least during my visit it was dead silent. Having conversation was a bit uncomfortable as it felt like everyone in the cafe could hear me. No obstructing music, and open till late (10pm, to be exact), Double B made its’ way into my heart in a whiff. They do offer some treats, but they didn’t seem too glutard-friendly. 

Café y té, but who will go for the tea when you've got great coffee?

DoubleB, Carrer del Consolat del Mar 47, 08003. Go for the aeropress or V60.  


There are plenty more cafes to come, and it seems like more shops open each month. It's a coffee revolution!

In case you visit Barcelona and want to be properly caffeinated, I have made a map of all the specialty coffee shops I've managed to find. I hope you enjoy it! Click here for the map.