My second encounter with completely vegan sushi restaurant was the first establishment in Warsaw, Edamame. With a completely different approach to sushi than Youmiko, Edamame offered an interesting and delicious experience. 

Teriyaki eggplant with avocado and tempura rolls

I wanted to try Kimchi miso soup that I had seen also on the menu in Youmiko. Kids, if you want to get miso soup and kimchi, I suggest ordering miso soup and kimchi, not the two together. I got a pretty big bowl, and with all of its’ kick it was rather pleasant, but I do prefer more miso-y soup for my Japanese food. 

I do have picture evidence of the kimchi miso soup, but take my word when I say that it does not look pretty. 

For another starter, my date had tempura. Light, crispy and greasy, just like tempura should be. Because of the appetiser, the tempura roll as main course was a bit too much. I would maybe just stick to the regular sushis; the tempura roll is actually all fried, not just the filling. 

Tempura battered vegetables and tofu

Where in Youmiko you choose a set of different predetermined sushi, in Edamame you order per roll. You can choose between several different California rolls, futomakis, nigiris and special rolls,  and there are no mix sets available. I understand this from wastage perspective, but we ended up ordering 3 rolls for 2 people, one of which was amazing, one was so-so, and the last one was the aforementioned fully-fried tempura roll. I would have preferred several tasters of different sushi since the different options were hard to choose from. Plus side: All of the sushi is made with purple rice. 

Lovely kombucha with cool design bottle

Edamame offers reasonably priced (8 zl, 2€) bottled kombuchas, baobab drinks, and other refreshments, we forgot to ask about the possibility of getting tap water. They also have gluten-free soy sauce at the table.

More tempura and teriyaki

All in all, Edamame is maybe not as festive as Youmiko, but it offers delicious rolls to feed your hunger for reasonable prices. Definitely worth trying, even for a little sneaky snack, in which case I highly recommend the avocado-roasted eggplant teriyaki California roll.