Healthinki is a newcomer in the posh area or Eira, near the Kaivopuisto park. This small almost hole in the wall seats less than 20 people, and seemed to be almost full to the brim already at 9 am on a Wednesday. 

Healthinki is not for office people, as it closes already at 4pm

Healthinki offers all-day breakfast from 7.30 am, with smoothies and ever so trendy matcha and turmeric lattes on the menu; if you want something fancier than a filter coffee, I suggest heading few blocks up to Kuuma. If regular coffee is your thing, Healthinki’s 2€ for Kaffa Roastery brew is definitely worth it! 

Spot the typo in the menu!

Stylish design coffee mugs

Menu-wise, Healthinki is like going back to Melbourne: avocado toast, smoothie bowl, aforementioned matcha latte. You can order a combo with avocado&egg toast (egg is fried, not poached or boiled like I imagined), smoother and a coffee for 15€, or get either a pretty berry bowl or a bowl with apple, cinnamon and rose hip for 10€. 

Toast with avocado and fried egg

Bowl of pureed apple, rosehip and cinnamon with toppings

Healthinki definitely is not the cheapest place to get breakfast, but it is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be hungry in the neighbourhood, and you feel like eating something light. I had the apple bowl, and felt hungry almost immediately after eating (it takes more than blended fruit to fill my stomach up).  You can also get takeaway if you are in a hurry or would prefer to spend your lunch/coffee break in one of the nearby parks. 

Smoothie bowls ready to go

Grab-n go smoothies

Helsinki, and the world, definitely needs more healthy food options for lunch, dinnerr and breakfast. If you happen to be in Helsinki and can't (be bothered to) make your own clean treats, Healthinki is your saviour!  (For some reason I can't upload the map, so here's the address: Thetaankatu 13.)