Melbourne is definitely foodie’s paradise, and for someone who comes from the world’s leading coffee consumption country, the plethora of out of this world cafes and roasteries is mind boggling.  During the 12 months I spent in the coffee capital the world, I did go through quite a few delicious spots and dishes. 

There’s plenty of great breakfast and brunch spots in most neighbourhoods, and I preferred to explore and venture to new spots instead of going to the same ones several times (though some were just too good to leave just for one visit). Here are a few of my favourites:

Iced coffee at Hash coffee.



Bendigo street, Richmond

One of the best feeds in Melbourne. All options are more or less paleo and gluten free, with a lot of variety. Go for the pancakes or the Caveman, a plate with a bit of everything. They make paleo bread in house, which is completely perfect in texture but in my opinion could definitely use some herbs or even salt.

Paleo waffles at Patch cafe


Admiral Cheng Ho & Monk Bodhi Dharma

Johnston Street, Abbotsford; Carlisle Street, Balaclava

Two lovely vego cafes who have true passion for coffee. You can choose from 5 different beans for your coffee of choice, and enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast or lunch while at it. Lunch specials on the black board, menu staples include amazing mushroom dish and a delicious acai bowl with superfoods like lucuma and maca.

Umami mushrooms on toasted sourdough at Admiral Cheng Ho


Little Big Sugar Salt 

Victoria Street, Richmond

In the heart of Little Vietnam, this quirky cafe is hustling and bustling with hipsters getting their fix from this cafe with the best menu ever. And by menu I mean the actual menu paper, with jokes, classified ads and even a recipe for their divine pancakes. Try at home? It's good for glu-tards, cow-tards and fructose-free-ks.


Code Black Coffee

Weston Street, Brunswick

This coffee roastery has another branch in North Melbourne, but I have been only to the Brunswick one. They have a nice twist on the classic cafe staple, smashed avo, served with kale pesto and pistachio chia dukkah. Throw a poached egg and some goat’s feta in the mix and wash it down with freshly roasted and ground coffee, and you’ve experienced the ultimate Melbourne brekkie experience.



Not-so-humble smashed avo: GF Precinct Gluten-free toast, kale pesto, avocado, poached egg, pickled lemon, pistachio chia dukkah.

Industry Beans

Rose Street, Fitzroy

Another in-house roastery coffee shop, another industrial interior and guaranteed wait on weekends. Smaller and larger plates, either to share or to devour on your own. More lunchy options besides your stable bircher, chia pudding and eggs. Delicious teas, too!



Bonus: Hot chocolate at Hash, Hardware Lane, CBD
This drink is an experience, and probably the most delicious hot chocolate you’ve had. 80% Mörk hot chocolate (made in Melbourne) in a glass jug, to be poured over a mug full of fairy floss aka cotton candy. Watch the chocolate melt the fairy floss and make the concoction sweet and deeeeeelicious.

Famous Hash hot chocolate with Mörk chocolate and fairy floss aka cotton candy