Paulig Kulma is a coffee house, roastery and a barista institute, created by Paulig, Finland’s largest coffee roastery. Paulig has been roasting coffee since 1904, and now roasts about 45 million kilos of coffee every year. Paulig’s Juhla Mokka is probably the best known coffee in Finland. Paulig Kulma is an interesting twist to the corporation's image: they offer single origin coffees, raw cakes, gluten free sandwiches and healthy salads! 

Kulma ('Corner') is a neat spot for people watching

Paulig has promised to be completely certified and child-labour free by the end of 2018. Kulma's on-site roasted coffees are supposedly child-labour free and fair trade certified, but it is not advertised too much. 

Different single origin and limited edition coffees roasted in Kulma

Paulig Kulma’s treats are made by a Turku-based raw food cafe, Pure. I was a bit sceptical of the combination: a mass production coffee manufacturer pairing up with raw/health food venture? On the other hand, this kind of combo is a good thing; it brings the good treats and lunches available to those who know (and use) Paulig and would otherwise be sceptical towards the ah-so-trendy health foods. If the big companies pair up with the small to bring them more customers, isn’t that a good thing?

Coffee preparation methods with their flavour results

Paulig Kulma has of course coffee, they offer both filter as well as espresso-based brews, and also other beverages, including smoothies, teas and hot chocolate. I am not sure about the milk options on offer for coffees; I read that the institute doesn’t train baristas with vegan milk alternatives, which on this day with a dozen different milk alternatives on the market seems rather weird, but at least the black filter coffee roasted on site was delicious and tasty.  

Kitch coppery menu

For savoury meals, Kulma has some gluten-free sandwiches (approx 6.9e); I tried one that had sun dried tomato paste, some avocado, and Finland’s fancy vege newcomer of the year: pulled oats. In this sandwich the oats actually tasted rather nice, and all in all th sandwich was definitely one of the best I have had! I suspect the gf-bread comes from Eilamari, which is a bakery specialising in yummy gluten-free products. The sandwich is definitely worth splurging if you find yourself hungry for a snack in the city.

Yummy sandwich and soft fruity coffee. Great fuel for the working day! 

Cakes cakes cakes!

Paulig Kulma offers several raw cakes, and we tried all of the ones on the shelf the day of the visit: the snickers-type cake was number one in all of the 3 tasters’ books. Peanutty flavour combined with salty caramel - win win! I also liked the tiramisu slice, although the base layer was a bit too cinnamony. The lemon liquorice cake was refreshing, but it could have had more distinguishable flavours, as now it felt like it was just a touch short on the lemon and liquorice, and the mint chocolate cake had the same problem; not nearly enough mint, and way too avocado-y.

Raw cake assortment

All in all, as Pure offers also nut-free cakes, the coconut flavour is pretty overtaking in some of the cakes. If you are new to raw cakes, you might enjoy for example the rich chocolate cake, but if you have had your share of raw treats, it might be a bit hard to find an epic mouthgasm amongst the ones we tried. 

Lemon liquorice cake waiting to be devoured

Paulig beans from bean to cup

Paulig Kulma is a nice spot for catching up with friends, people spotting or working if you manage to snatch one of the comfy booths upstairs. And if you happen to be craving for something a bit more conventional to munch on, worry no more! There are pastries like croissants and cinnamon buns on offer, too.