Nice and enticing outdoor decor

This foodie’s paradise is on the same “vegan circle” as Vegan Pizza and Youmiko Sushi, and it is definitely worth trying for breakfast, lunch or dinner (although I prefer breakfast and lunch because it’s more quiet). Tel Aviv is completely vegan Mediterranean semi fine dining restaurant, which also offers sugar-free lemonades, smoothies even a snob like me would love to try, and desserts. Do I need to say more?

Millet porridge, vegetables, mustard and sausages in the background

For breakfast, Tel Aviv offers either a Lebanese breakfast plate or a Mediterranean one, which we sampled on the second visit; they were definitely big enough to keep you fuelled well into the afternoon. You can also order millet porridge with sunflower milk (pictured), Lebanese (vegan) sausages, and all other things that make up for a perfect start of the day. 

Menu of Tel Aviv, inspiration for a fiesta!

For lunch, Tel Aviv has combos with soup and different kinds of Israeli street food, salads and the vego-staple: falafels. Their vegan burger is by far the biggest burger I have seen, and when served with wedges, coleslaw and two sauces of your choosing, it is definitely worth the price tag of sl29.90 (6.95€). Hint: go for the vegan aioli and maybe the tomato-based sauce to balance it out, it will be definitely yum!

Burger, fries, coleslaw and 3 dips: aioli, tahini and a side of parsley hummus

Vegan shaksuka with a side of yummy gluten-free bread

(On my first visit) I had the shaksuka with tofu and a side of gluten-free bread (sl16.90, 3.90€), which was much more modest dish, but still enjoyable. We sampled one of their many hummus, this one was with parsley. Tel Aviv has options of ordering separate small maze plates, or then taking an assortment suitable for two (sl36.90, 8.56€).

Sugar-free lemonades, happy times!

We chose to drink the lemonades, sweetened with xylitol. The berry one was perfectly sweet, whereas the lemon ginger turmeric one was quite zingy (which is just what it’s supposed to be). I left their smoothies for the next time. For dessert, we were too full to try any treats on the menu (like cauliflower ice cream), and opted just for coffee. 

Arabic coffee in the pouring

The Arabic coffee (sl9.90, 2.3€) was perfectly spicy and aromatic thanks to the spices in it, whereas the aeropress (also sl9.90) seemed to be made with either too much beans or too long extraction time.    

Part of the interior of Tel Aviv