The name pretty much gives it away; this place is all about vegan pizza. With over 20 flavour combinations on the menu, it can be quite a daunting to choose your favourite pie. Vegan Pizza offers their 32-inch pizzas also with gluten-free (my go-to!) or deep dish crusts. Instead of tomato sauce, some pizzas have garlicky sauce as the base, which actually worked quite well!

Apt name and logo for the door to happiness

Vegan Pizza is definitely one of the best pizzas I’ve had, and their gf-base might be the best base ever (besides homemade): I think it’s made from buckwheat, is it not too floury or starchy, it’s thin and crispy from the edges. Winner material! The pizzas have options for vegan sausages, vegan tuna, different tofu and vegan cheeses, but I try to avoid soy products and thus opted for vegetable fillings.

Sneak peek on the menu

On my first try I had the vegan cheese, but on the next visit, I skipped the cheese: the pizza was chock-full of veggies and was great even without the cheese! And as a plus, I could swap the cheese for something else, so I got even more veggies! For your next pizza, remember this combo: olives, artichokes, onion, mushrooms, pineapple. Yum yum! 

The ultimate dish of happiness!

To wash down your pizza, you can order beer or some soft drinks, but to get tap water we had to go get it from the toilet. What is up Poland, why no free water? Even without water, this place was definitely worth two visits, and had I stayed in Warsaw for longer, I would definitely made room for some more. Nothing beats cold leftover pizza for breakfast, right? 😉 

Still scrumptious on day 2!

Where’s your favourite pizzeria? 

Pizza with vegan sausages and white sauce