Surprisingly enough, Warsaw seems to be a hotspot for everything vegan: You can find all kinds of veganised foods, ranging from burgers and pizza to sushi, Mediterranean, and Polish cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. There is a weekly vegetarian food truck event as well as a bi-weekly vegan festival - Warsaw is truly a destination for non-meat eaters! 

Veg Deli is a lovely vegetarian/vegan restaurant with a cool Scandinavian interior

In 5 days, one has enough time to sample some of the best vegan cuisine available; Poland is known for its’ fresh produce that is not laden with pesticides. 

Season's fresh local fruits, for very affordable price

I have dedicated own posts for vegan sushi (restaurants Youmiko and Edamame), pizza (named Vegan Pizza) as well as Tel Aviv, which I found to be the best restaurants in Warsaw. 

Zucchini salad,every bit as healthy as it looks

Don't get me wrong, Warsaw has some healthy eating places as well, but I found the pizza more appealing, for a change. The raw food/cake scene is not as big as in for example Melbourne, or even in Helsinki, but surprisingly Poland is the home of one of my favourite war chocolate companies, Cocoa. If you ever get your paws on their raw chocolate covered brazil nuts, bananas, inca berries or goji berries, consider yourself lucky. These chocolates are way cheaper in Poland than anywhere else I've found them, and I highly regret not stocking myself with them. One more reason to return!

Soy ice cream, coffee caramel flavour, topped with walnuts

Aside from chocolate, Warsaw is full of lody, ice cream. You can get vegan ice cream at N'Ice Cream Lab, where you design your own nitrogen ice cream from the base to flavours and toppings. The price is not very cheap in Poland standards, but compared to other countries it still is (one ice cream about 4-5€ depending on toppings). One can choose the base from milk, yoghurt, soymilk or sorbet, and pick 1-2 toppings from a seemingly endless list.

Some of the flavor options at N'ice cream

You the  choose your desired toppings and watch the girls do their magic with the nitrogen. I must say, this was the best purchase I made on a 32C day. 

In conclusion: If you like food, if you like food that is innovative, and won't break your bank, go to Warsaw!