During my trip to Warsaw, I sampled not only one but two vegan sushi restaurants. Before coming to Poland, I didn’t even know vegan sushi was a proper thing, but this trip convinced me that there’s definitely something behind the idea of serving, well, different vegetables atop rice blobs.

Entrance to the below ground vegan sushi restaurant

Youmiko Vegan Sushi can be found in the "Vegan town" of Warsaw, in Hoża 62. This below-ground joint could well be a cool cosy bar, but in addition to a few interesting cocktails, sake and Japanese whiskey, Youmiko offers vegan sushi pieces tasting-style. You choose what kind of set you want (how many nigiri, hosomaki, futomaki, uramaki, cake), and the waitresses will bring you your meal one set of sushi at a time.

Sugar snap pea nigiri ready to be devoures

This type of dining is definitely a nice change to the usual, it makes you eat slower and appreciate each piece in front of you, but I got really confused whether I had more food coming my way or not. The waiter always explained the ingredients of each individual sushi to everyone in our party, even though we had different sets - this resulted in getting our portions at different times, making some of us just having to watch the others eat.

Maki with cucumber, salad and toasted almonds

The sushi itself was interesting to say the least. For texture, there is flavours like toasted almond flakes, tempura vegetables, roasted sunflower seeds, and crispy sugar snap peas. Some were a bit more traditional, like a cucumber maki, others more creative, like marinated tomato flesh that was confusingly similar to raw tuna.

Not tuna, but tomato

All in all, the whole experience felt relaxed for lunch, light, satisfying and also festive. The edamame was yummy and warm, the pickled ginger was aplenty, and there was gluten-free soy sauce on the table. The only minus was, that you could not get free tap water (not company policy, as we were told).  

Cucumber maki in another roll

Youmiko is definitely a place worth a visit, although if you are short on time, I would maybe rather go to Edamame. Both of these sushi places have a completely different style, so if you have the time visit both and pick your favorite!

Youmiko Vegan Sushi, Hoza 62, Warszawa, Poland

Tel: +48 22 404 67 36