In a perfect world, where we’re all the best versions of ourselves, we manage to achieve our to-do-lists in record time, make Instagram-perfect acai bowls for breakfast daily, get our 2 litres of water (cucumber and lemon infused) daily with no fuss, do oil pulling, fit in exercise and runs, meditate, go to yoga, catch up with friends, make time to hang out with the family, keep up with the latest news and our favourite shows, and buy organic and fresh every time we go shopping, of course mainly in the farmers /organic market.

In stead of fighting against life, learn to swing with it


We can all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, day in day out, but sometimes it is just good to be content with not trying, and just being with what you have. Don’t try to achieve anything, but listen to what you actually feel like doing. Forget about the nagging voice in your head that thinks having nachos for breakfast is not acceptable. Disregard the idea that you should leave the house even though you have no apparent reason to do so.

It is ok to stay at home, but when you do go out, keep your eyes open for the little things


Don’t force yourself to do a workout, skip the run, and have ice cream for lunch if it tickles your fancy. If you fee like it, spend the afternoon watching How I Met Your Mother instead of doing something you are not that keen on. All this applies to both situations when you are at home, or when traveling. Even on the road you are allowed to take a day (or a week, or however long you need) off. 

Choose a place that will help you get restored, not more drained


The best part of this whole idea of adulthood is that we can actually do what we want, have that chocolate and eat it, too. (Sometimes we do have to work as well but let’s not think about that now.) You are creating the best version of yourself by cutting yourself some slack, instead of pushing yourself all the time. You are the puppet master of your life, so own it and take charge. 

How far will the tracks take you?


Disclaimer: I have tried and tested this day of nothingness, having nachos for breakfast, followed by ice cream and twisties, doing practically nothing. Every now and again it is fine, I regard it as loading my batteries, charging them for new adventures. The more energy I have in reserve, the more I have to give when needed.